This website’s name is a metaphor for the excitement represented by creative challenge. Authoring something original or compelling. Creating a daring or thought-provoking idea. Stretching boundaries and restrictions. These constants inform and guide the arc of my career and the projects I become involved in.

From beginnings in graphic design that evolved and morphed to writing endeavors such as my most recent role as Senior Copywriter at Slack and Company, my goals have always been centered on storytelling. In print, out-of-home, mobile and websites—from branding and identity programs to integrated b-to-b marketing and consumer advertising—my aim is to deliver narratives that connect.

As a former gymnast and an alumni member of Illinois State University’s Gamma Phi Circus, I know that achieving this objective often involves risk taking. Making the leap from strategies to ideas. The trick is not getting too many hairs singed while jumping through, and to always stick the landing.

When not jumping through professional hoops, I like being with family or friends, enjoying good food or frosty beverages, taking in some art, movies or music, and lest I forget my own special pursuit without end—chasing the wee white pebble on the golf links.