b2b Integrated Trade Show Campaign

Copywriter: Kevin McGraw
Art Director: Joshua Schober
Developer: Chad Whitt
Production: Sarah Elwyn

Once every three years, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) descends upon Las Vegas to stage the largest construction industry show in North America, CONEXPO-CON/AGG. Covering a vast swath of more than 2.5 million square feet and hosting 2,400 exhibitors, no other construction event matches it in scope or importance.

Showcasing all the latest equipment, products, and technologies the industry has to offer has proven to be an even bigger attraction than the show’s size. It’s why people go. This key insight drove our campaign’s promise of “If it’s new, it’s here” enticing attendees to get the ultimate up-close look at the future of construction.

Over three interim years, our campaign was carefully built to keep the show top-of-mind with regular attendees while capturing new audiences for the event.

Vertically Integrated Print Ads

Print advertising—providing awareness and driving the look, feel and narrative for the rest of our tactical programs—had to be flexible enough to motivate audiences spanning the general market plus six vertical segments including aggregates, asphalt, concrete, earthmoving, lifting and utilities.

The visual tease we applied by obscuring construction equipment, connoting a sneak peek at a massive unveiling, had a very practical application; to not be perceived as favoring one manufacturer over another, a special concern of client and event organizer, AEM.

Responsive HTML Emails with Offer

Early registration was initially boosted by responsive HTML emails with targeted offers. For large companies, managers received a $5 Starbucks gift card for signing up employees and opting in for show updates. For small operations, a chance to win a $365 VISA gift card was offered for early registration—365 days in advance of the show.

Large Company Save-the-Date Direct Mail

Our $5 Starbucks gift card incentive—for signing up employees and opting in for show updates—was delivered along with branded note pads via targeted direct mail to managers in each of our seven vertical markets.

Small Company Save-the-Date Direct Mail

The $365 VISA gift card offered to small markets via responsive HTML email was reprised in direct mail targeted to each vertical in the category—promoting early registration for the show a full year in advance.

Social Media

AEM possessed some robust social channels that we took full advantage of. Wrapping them in our show theme graphics, we made sure messaging was on point 16 months in advance.

Registration Brochure

Mailed domestically and internationally as we got closer in to the show dates, our registration brochure culminated our campaign by highlighting the most important benefits which made CONEXPO-CON/AGG the must-attend event in construction—and delivering a hard-to-resist monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win a $1,000 VISA gift card. Automatic entry was accomplished simply for registering.

The comprehensive campaign allowed AEM to achieve a one-week registration record, deliver the highest direct mail response rates in the history of the show—and pull in close to 130,000 attendees.

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