Sampling Program

Creative Director: Kevin McGraw
Art Director/Writer: Monte Beauchamp

Sampling program, “Adventures in Shaving,” attracted entry-level shavers to category leader, Edge, with the perfect communication vehicle: Comics.

In our story, the insidious Dr. Stubble, having given up on shaving, launches his reign of terror making shaving painful for men the world over. But suddenly, “Why, it’s…LES RUFFNESS!” Our hero supplies the one antidote to undo Stubble’s sinister damage: Edge Pro Gel. Making an instant connection with our targeted shavers, client ordered 3 million quantity reprinted based on response to highly successful initial sampling.


Direct Mail to Moms

Creative Director: Kevin McGraw
Copywriter: Amy Levy
Art Director: Monte Beauchamp

Another take on attracting the entry-level market, this time with a direct mail piece targeting shoppers often making the purchase decision in the aisle: Moms.

“He’s Still Your Baby. He’s Just Bigger, Older…And A Lot Harrier.” Moms can’t protect their sons from everything growing up, but Edge Pro Gel gives them a chance at protecting their faces from nicks and cuts while shaving. Plus we give mom a little budget protection with coupon savings—and cross-promotion offer on Skintimate women’s shave products for her.